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Passionate About Helping Craft Businesses

I’m Annie. I launched my craft kit business, STITCHFINITY, with my business partner, Alison, in 2015, while we were both working full time in the corporate world.

We learned everything the hard way, and if there weren’t two of us, keeping each other going, there likely wouldn’t still be a business.

We made all the classic mistakes, from not really having a target market, to giving ourselves a complicated name that nobody could get right, to saying yes to everything that came our way, in the hope that it would bring more business (spoiler alert – it just brought more pains in the ass!).


We were self-funded and ploughed our profits back in, while trying myriad different things to pay ourselves a salary, many without great conviction, consistency or joy. We called it a business, but weren’t convinced it was, until we started doing things differently, getting experts to help us work on our business, rather than just in our business.

I help craft business owners make more sales and grow their businesses because I know how it feels when you get to do what you love, rather than playing it safe and doing what you think you should do. I do my best work when I get to help others have lightbulb moments.

My programmes are based on my experience as a craft business owner and my skills as a coach 


  • Coaching and Mentoring - Institute of Leadership and Management, Level 5

  • Award in Education and Training - Level 3

  • Book Yourself Solid Associate

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