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Frustrating, isn't it? You know your product is good. You know people will buy it. You just don't seem to be able to find them. Well, at least not very easily.

The same was true for me and my craft business, and it's a story that is familiar to many craft business owners.

It's not like we don't try - even if we post to social media consistently and play darling to the current algorithm, it doesn't necessarily feel like it makes a lot of difference.

So what's happening here?

Well, I know that this was on my wish list of things to fix for my business and in order to start fixing it, I went right back to basics.

When you start any new business - you'll hear 'the experts' telling you to identify your ideal customer and target market, because it's important. And like me, you've probably had a go at that. Maybe, like me, you were very inclusive and let just about anybody with a pulse be part of your ideal customer / target market description. Or, maybe you've said 'Well, they're like me really' and left it at that. Those are the two most common situations I come across.

So, instead of telling you it's important to identify your ideal customer and target market (it is!), let me tell you WHY it's important and how it makes your job as your marketing department much easier and way more effective.

When we can describe really clearly who our ideal customer is (what they're like in terms of personality traits) and what target market (segment of society / category they belong to) they sit in, then we can start to understand what communities they are a part of. We can figure out what they watch, listen to and read, who they interact with, where they shop, how much they earn, what they treat themselves to.

And when we know what communities they are a part of, we can start to identify the leaders or figureheads of those communities.

We can then introduce ourselves to those leaders, let them know we have something that may be of interest to / benefit their audience, and hey presto, we're in with a much better chance of hundreds, thousands, hundreds of thousands of people who are our ideal customer in our target market getting their eyes on our product.

And we spoke to one person.

If you, like me, now think that it's a good idea to go back and get super clear on your ideal customer and target market, I have something that will help.

Twice a year, I run Attracting Customers to Your Craft Business - a group coaching programme that helps Craft Business owners like YOU, clearly define these essential elements for your business, understand your personal brand superpowers and create a pick n mix conversation catalogue that can form the basis for all of your marketing communications.

Click below to find out more and let's get you in front of the motherload of paying customers


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