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Nothing worse than creating something that you think is amazing, only for it to sit on your virtual shelves, unloved by the rest of the world, gathering dust, taking up space and reminding you daily that maybe you have, like, really bad taste.

So, how do we make sure that when we produce something, we're not running the risk of creating something that we'll have to discontinue at a later date?

How do we, in other words, make sure that we're using our time, effort and money wisely to produce a winner every time?

Crystal ball anyone?

Well, actually, you don't need a crystal ball. At least, not if you are really clear on your ideal customer and target market.

Because, if we know our ideal customer well, then we know what problems they want solving and we know what speaks to them and makes them feel seen. What's more, we know what results they're looking for. If we can design our product to provide those results and/or solve a problem they have and/or speak to them, then it's highly likely we have a winner.

If, on the other hand, we design what we like / what's on trend / what a random non-ideal customer said 'you know what you should make?', then that outcome is far, far less certain.

So, if you know your ideal customer well, make sure that all your products are created in their service.

If you don't know your ideal customer well, make sure you get yourself on my Attracting Customers to your Craft Business group programme.

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