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Dare to live your dreams and start your craft business

If you knew what the first step to starting your dream craft business was, would you take it?

Of course you would!


If you're like most people, what's stopped you is not knowing what the first step is. Or even which of many things the first step is.


Do you need to have made something, or a range of things? Do you need to be building an audience on social media? Do you  need to be building a website? Just where the heck do you start?


There's so much to do. It's so confusing! What do you do first?


And it's for this reason that many dreams stay dreams and don't become businesses.


If you've been thinking about starting a craft business, or you're just taking the first steps to try and work all this out for yourself, read on.


This is just for you.


I've been running my Attracting Customers to Your Craft Business programme for a couple of years now and I've seen both start ups and newly established side-hustles benefit from it. However, what I know is that the people who are considering starting up have this big concern that they're already behind.


So, this time around, I'm running a slightly different programme JUST for those who are starting up their craft business.


Don't know what you'll make? Doesn't matter

Don't know whether you need to register with HMRC? Doesn't matter

Don't know anything about social media? Doesn't matter

Don't know what to do next? Perfect!


I'm putting this programme together just for you.

During our 8 weeks together in Start Your Dream Craft Business, we're going to make sure that you save time, money and effort, by deciding what you'll call yourself, what you'll sell, who to, how to find them and what to say to them. We'll also get the admin basics in place.


We'll be making sure that you are motivated, focussed and efficient.


You'll be getting support and ideas from other people who 'get it' (not people who call it a hobby), you'll have a gang to vent to and celebrate with.


You'll take step by step achievable actions to help you feel confident that you're starting right.


You'll learn from videos, complete workbooks, take part in group discussions and (if you choose) get one to one time with me.


You'll know exactly what the next step is. You'll take it. Then we'll all celebrate together, that your business got started.


Sound good? Read on and find out more.

We're all different. Some of us can't wait to get going and some want or need to take it slower. Because I want to make this work for you, you get to choose your level of support. From having me on hand to answer all your questions and coach you into rapid action, through to going more at your own pace and taking action in your own time, or somewhere in between - there's an option to suit.


All options include online video learning and workbooks as well as online group coaching calls each week for 7 weeks and a group community area.


Which is best for you? Take your pick and I'll see you on the other side.

Start Your Dream Craft Business Programme

All Action

Private and Group Coaching




  • Online video learning and workbooks

  • 7 Group Coaching sessions

  • 7 Private Coaching sessions to ensure action

  • Group discussion area

  • Email access to coach for 12 weeks



Group Plus


Group and Private Coaching




  • Online video learning and workbooks

  • 7 Group Coaching sessions

  • 3 Private Coaching sessions for added action

  • Group discussion area




Group Coaching




  • Online video learning and workbooks

  • 7 Group coaching sessions

  • Group discussion area



Annie - Craft Business Owner Coach_edited.jpg

Hannah Gabriel, Lady Gabe

Annie has been an incredible asset to my small business. I was on the verge of giving up my creative career in 2021. My small business had the bones, but I had lost so much confidence in it during the pandemic. The coaching and guidance from this programme has been the driving force behind my new success in 2022. Through understanding my target market and building a new solid foundation to start from again, I have found the spark and the excitement for all that’s to come

WhatsApp Image 2023-07-24 at 17.02.02.jpg

Zoe R.

Being in a group was definitely an advantage as it gave us lots of opportunities for discussion and looking at the ‘real life’ problems of creatives. I was surprised at how much there is to think about when setting up a small craft business! And, how important it is to make key decisions about the service you are wanting to provide and who to. Makes complete sense, but would not have thought about it on my own! I now believe that I  have a product that a customer could want! Also, having a step by step plan to follow, in order to move forward with my dream. Finally, seeing that it is possible, rather than not knowing where to start.


Naomi Hands, The Forest Collective

The Programme has left me feeling a million times more confident in my product, target audience and how to communicate with them. Annie creates a safe and welcoming space to share ideas and support other like-minded individuals, whilst working on your own ideas to build a solid base to take away and apply to turning a side hustle into something that's so much more!

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