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Sep 2, 2023 - Oct 31, 2023

Start Your Dream Craft Business - Private Coaching

  • 60Days
  • 24Steps

Foundations for your Craft Business

A 8 week programme for craft business start ups to get super clear on who and where to find their customers, how to be irresistible to them and culminating in copy, content and conversational confidence, as well as finding out about all the necessary admin that goes with starting a craft business. You'll get online learning with workbooks, 7 group sessions (optional) and 7 private coaching sessions with Annie on each topic AND an additional 3 private sessions to make sure you start well and plan your next steps well. Your dream craft business could be up and running in the next 8 weeks. Do you struggle with • Knowing who your customers will be and where to find them? • Knowing how to make your craft business and the products you'll sell, stand out to customers? • Knowing what to say when faced with a blank page or person that asks what you do? • Knowing what to post about on social media, on your blog or website? • Thinking you’re the only one that’s experiencing this and not knowing who to talk to about it? If so, this programme can help you feel that: • I know who my people are and I can’t wait to produce work for them • I know how and where to find my people and I can plan where I’ll show up • I know what my people want and I know what I’m going to do to give it to them • I know what I’m going to say and write to my people • I’m right where I need to be, with other craft business owners who get me.

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Start Your Dream Craft Business

Start Your Dream Craft Business

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